Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stocking Stuffers | Influenster Jolly Voxbox {Review}

SEVERAL months ago I signed up with influenster...then completely forgot about them, until I got this e-mail asking me to participate in a survey to see if I was eligible to receive their Jolly Voxbox to review.  Ummm.....YES PLEASE!

Well, I was selected to receive their box, and it came in the mail on Monday!  I was SO excited to come home and see it sitting in my mailbox just WAITING for me to open it! 

**Note:  I received this products complimentary rom Influenster Voxbox in exchange for my review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own **

Ok...lets get started, shall we?

Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates....

This was my first time trying a skinny cow item...and I must say, they were pretty amazing.  Like seriously!  The Milk chocolate was so creamy, and the peanut butter had more of a caramel consistency to it.  They were .... divine!  The best part about them, you got to eat ALL THREE pieces for 130 calories. 

Now, just to play devil's advocate, I will say this:  If they had not been sent to me to review I would not buy them from the store.  BUT, I'm also an oddity.  The ingredient label doesn't pass my standards....It has soy which I avoid at all costs, and TONS of sugar.  I will give them the fact that they just use corn syrup and not high fructose corn syrup, and they also use palm oil which I also believe isn't good for you! 

So...with that being said....if you aren't a crazy person that reads ingredient with a magnifying glass, then I just know that you will REALLY enjoy these & they would make GREAT stocking stuffers!!!!But, if you are trying to eat a clean diet and avoid processed foods, then avoid these like the plague! 

Moving Along....

NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow

 I'm not a girly girl.  I don't wear perfect makeup every day, and lately it's just been foundation, mascara and some tinted chapstick.  I do enjoy wearing makeup and I love when I have the time to do everything, lately it's just been all I can do to get to work on time.  Wen I do have the time to wear full makeup, I tend to sway towards the neutral color palettes, and sometimes throw in a few pinks, so the NYC HD Color Eye Shadow was right up my alley!  The colors went on smoothly and blended well together!  The Highlight really brightened up my eyes as well!  The best part is that it retails for around $2.99!!!  You really can't beat that!

Next on the list...

Rimmell London New Show off Lip Lacquer:

I'm always game to try a new lipstick.  I feel like everybody looks better with a little color on their lips! 

The color (Aurora) was a little brighter than what I would normally wear.  My MR doesn't really care for bright lipsick.  He prefers the softer, more subtly pinks....but I actually really ended up liking it!  It not "tacky" like some lipsticks can be, and so far it hasn't dried my lips out!  I put a top coat of Burt's Bees Chapstick on, but that's only because my lips are ridiculously chapped as you can see in the instagram video of me putting the lip stick on!  I would definitely buy this lipstick for myself, but probably in a color that wasn't so loud!

On to the next one, on to the next one .....

Puffs PLUS lotion | Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong to go tissue pack

My Mom ALWAYS used to carry a little pack of tissues in her purse.  Me...not so much.  Actually, we don't usually even buy tissues until one of us gets a cold, and even then we'll just use TP. 

I had a REALLY bad cold this past spring, and rubbed my nose RAW with some cheap, janky tissues.  So I made a special trip to the store JUST to get some soft tissues.  Let me tell you what. Puffs PLUS lotion is where its at!

These little to go tissue packs are so cute!  I just  love the chic design!  I'm kind of excited to add this to my purse!

And Last but not least....

Ducklings Mini Rolls:

Who just doesn't love a good roll of duck tape???  Then make it better by adding cute designs???  I'm sold!

I used these Mini Rolls of ducktape last summer when I ran in the 5K Mud run!  We needed a CUTE way to tape our shoes to our feet so that they didn't pull off when we ran through the mud holes.  Regular ducktape just wasn't going to cut it!  Not only where we able to keep our shoes securely on our feet, but we were able to look CUTE doing it! 

A common theme that kept running through my head as I was reviewing all of these was that every single item would make GREAT stocking stuffers this year for Christmas!  They are all around $5 or less, so it's an inexpensive way to fill those stockings up with some useful items! 

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  1. I did a similar post last week with I received the Violet VoxBox - Influenster products really are great for stocking stuffers! I really want to try those skinny cow treats!

  2. When I lived with my Grandparents, my grandma had an endless supply of little individual purse packs of tissues, and I kept one in my backpack all the time because it's not easy to run into kleenexes when you're spending all day at college! Those sure came in handy!

    And I would never have guessed that a mud run required duct taping your shoes to your feet!


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