Friday, November 22, 2013

My New favorite thing....

About a month ago I picked up a new fruit while I was doing my grocery shopping.  I had never tried it before and I was REALLY curious!  So.... I decided to splurge!
The virtues of the pomegranate
Well, a month went by and it still sat in my fridge!  1 Point for the Pomegranate for staying good for a month!  It probably wasn't ripe when I bought it anyway, right?
Well, Thursday morning I decided to crack this baby open...But First I had to GOOGLE how in the world I was suppose to get the seeds out!  So of course in my good search I turned to my trust source, The Kitchen.
I had NO idea what to expect when I got this thing peeled!!!
The White Membranes reminded me  little bit of grapefruit membranes!  I used a spoon to scoop the seeds and tried my first Pomegranate seed.

The Juicy part is SO sweet, it was delicious.  And then came the CRUNCHY part.  It was NOT was I was expecting!  So I tried another spoonful.  I fell in love with the sweet, juicy burst of flavor, but the crunch (kind of like eating a dried out corn kernel) was tripping me out.  I ate a few more spoonfuls, and then put the rest in an airtight container in the fridge!

Thursday night as I was cooking dinner I needed a little something to tide me over until dinner was ready.  I was STARVING after my workout!  So, I pulled out the bowl and munched away at them.  I fell in love.  

As I was preparing my lunch for today, I remember that one of my good friends says that she doesn't use salad dressing on her salads, that she uses fruit to sweeten it with!  And so, today's lunch was born!

I chopped up by spinach and dark green lettuce, threw in some raw peas (they were frozen, and I thawed them out...if you haven't tried peas in a salad, you are missing out my friend!), 1/2 yellow pepper, 1/2 avocado (which actually wasn't my favorite thing, I didn't like the texture!), a handful of almonds, an apple that I cut up into bite size chunks, and a few spoonfuls of pomegranate seeds.  I should have added some tomatoes, but I forgot! 

By lunch time, the apples and pomegranate seeds had released some of their juices to the veggies, and I shook my container up and dove in! 

Giiiiirl, Let me tell you!  I didn't miss the salad dressing, at all!  This was one of THE BEST salads I think I have ever had!  I couldn't get over the texture of the avocado, so while I did eat about 1/2 of the chunks, I may have fed the rest to my dog, I swear, she'll eat anything!  

I don't have anything against Salad Dressing....unless of course it comes from the store and is filled with CRAP... I had some honey mustard in the fridge that I made last week.  It was made from Honey & Coconut oil, so it wasn't "bad" for me, except that it added a lot of fat (I don't think that fat is bad either), and a lot of sugar (even if it is natural sugar, and raw honey), so I just decided to try and refrain for today!  I'm sure I'll use the honey mustard another day!  But I REALLY enjoyed being able to taste all of the parts of my salad today without it being covered in dressing!

I think I'm going to have to get the MR. to take me by walmart on our way home tonight so I can get another pomegranate and make one of these salads again tonight!  I might also try out some strawberries in it!  

Do you have any new foods that you have just discovered?  Would you ever try a salad without salad dressing?

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  1. i am JUST now learning how to get a piece of lettuce in my mouth at age 26, i think it'll be years before i can let go of the dressing! LOL!

  2. I've never liked salad dressings...people always look at me funny for eating a "plain" salad. :P Angel loves pomegranates, but I'm not their biggest fan. However, I'll eat avocado with anything!! So you should give the avocado you don't want to eat to me. haha!


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