Saturday, July 7, 2012

99 days of marriage.

99 days ago I said "I do" to the love of my life. It's amazing how fast time has gone by! Marriage is the greatest thing ever. It's a lot different than I expected it to be & I have loved every minute of it! In the past 99 days ....

My sweet husband has made me breakfast in bed...TWICE.  The first time for mother's day, because one day I was going to be a momma.  Yup, He's a keeper!

He built me this AMAZING jewelry box to hang on my bedroom wall! 

He also had knee surgery... He was pretty funny all doped up!

We found some puppies... Meet Diesel & Paris.  They are a mess!  We found them in His mom's flower bed covered in fleas and ticks.  We got them all cleaned up...and they stinkin' things ended up with mange.  So we got that all cleared up, and they started wreaking havoc in my house, so their beds got moved out to my front porch today...they are still cute though!

We've celebrated our 1 year anniversary of meeting each other....

I've started cooking and eating 'clean', which means that for the most part I don't eat processed foods.  My dear husband hasn't completely jumped on the band wagon, but for the most part he does pretty good!  I even successfully made black bean brownies.  I say successfully because my Love actually liked them, probably more than I do!  No flour or sugar in these babies!  I've lost right around 12 pounds since we started, and my husband has continued to lose weight (he's lost just about 80 pounds in the past 1 1/2 years...super proud of him!)

We also found out that my beloved father in law has kidney cancer.  Thankfully it hasn't spread, and more than likely when they go in to remove the kidney & tumor they will be able to get all of it and he won't have to go through radiation!  His surgery is Wednesday.  We are thankful that he was able to get into Vanderbilt and didn't have to travel to M.D Anderson in Texas!  It's a 3 1/2 hour drive instead of an 11 hour drive!  It was pretty scary when we first found out, but the prognosis is the best we could have hoped for!

I also ran in the Memphis Luvmud...which is a 5k obstacle course!  It was tons of fun!  I would highly recommend it!  I ran it with a group of ladies that I work with.  We were the "dirty diva's".  My husband was just impressed that I was willing to jump into a big mud pit! 



That's our last 99 days of wedding bliss in a nut shell! 

~Hillary Fay

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